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Ajb Ceramics is a small family business established in 2004. We cover all of Leicestershire and offer a professional wall and floor tiling and hard floor restoration service.

After working in the tiling industry for over 13 years the one question I was asked time and time again was 'how do I keep my tiles and grout clean?'

We now do as much floor restoration as actual tiling work, the experience gained tiling over the years gives us extensive knowledge on how to repair floors the correct way and the best way to clean them and keep them clean.

By using the latest equipment, techniques and correct chemicals along with our experience we can transform natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, Victorian floor tiles, amtico and altro safety flooring back to its best. We can diamond polish tiles to a high shine and use the correct sealers to prolong the life of your floor and to help keep it looking its best.

We carry out domestic and commercial contracts from one room in a private house to a gymnasium floor. No job is too big or small.

We offer a free demonstration clean on your floor so you can see the expected results, just contact us and make an appointment.

Lots of floor cleaning companies use a system where a high-pressure jet of water blasts the tiles and grout, this can be messy but it is also not advised for any grout as it can damage it and also damaging for natural stone tiles which are porous. Whilst tiling I have visited numerous jobs which have had either grout damage from high psi water pressure or tiles cracking and lifting where water has got under the tiles through the grout. No grout manufacturer and most stone tile experts dont recommend the use of high-pressure systems. We can clean just as well using agitation of the tile and therefore no damage.

Our cleaning equipment can also be hired, we will survey the area, then offer advice and supply all equipment needed and even drop off and collect equipment. Contact us for more details.

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1How much will the restoration cost?
Depends what needs doing, whether its repair and clean or just a clean, we believe our prices are competitive due to our low overheads and no VAT.
2How long does it take?
Once again it depends on size of the job and what needs doing, nearly always we have to seal the tiles on different day as they need to be dry.
3Can our equipment damage the floor?
We use a system that won't damage the surface unlike other cleaning systems, on natural stone tiles and especially grout joints if high pressure is applied this can be damaging. As long as we use the correct chemicals your floor wont get damaged and we always test the surface first on our demo.
4Why restore?
Lots of older floors look tired and worn but once restored they can be a focal point of any house, most of the time it works out a lot cheaper and less hassle to restore a floor than to replace it.
5Are we insured?
6Is the restoration a messy job?
No its not, obviously there is a amount of dirt which we extract from the floor, but unlike other systems we don't soak the floor with chemicals and water we use a agitation process which is a lot less messy.

Any other questions please get in touch.

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